As we continue to work with Sri Lanka’s Micro-Small-Medium enterprises, we keep adding new products from them to this collection. So make sure to follow this collection or check out our site frequently to be in the know and discover some of the most amazing products from Sri Lanka.

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  • Goodfolks Organic Coconut Jam spread - Vegan, Plant based, gluten free healthy spread

    Goodfolks Coconut Spread – Cocoa

    Plant-based & Gluten Free. Certified Organic
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-cocoa-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Cocoa Spread

    A decadent yet healthy indulgence
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-mango-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Mango Spread

    A tropical yet healthy indulgence
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-pineapple-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Pineapple Spread

    A tropical yet healthy indulgence
  • Bulk Chai Tea from Sri Lanka - Chai with FBOP Ceylon Black Tea

    100% Natural Ceylon Chai Tea Blend

    Flavours as Nature Intended
  • Alternate Flour - Kithul Flour Sri Lanka

    Kithul Flour – Pure & Natural

    The Coolest Alternate Flour of them All
  • Organic Sri Lanka Ashwagandha Powder - Wholesale - Retail - Highest Quality - Best Price

    Organic Ashwagandha Root Powder

    Premium, ethically sourced
  • Moringa Leaf Powder - Organic - Sri Lanka - Retail and wholesale exporter

    Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

    Premium, ethically sourced
  • Sri Lanka Organic Vanilla Beans from Goodfolks

    Organic Sri Lankan Vanilla Beans

    Premium, ethically sourced
  • From the quality of soil to the close attention by the CDA - 8 Reasons Why Coconut Products from Sri Lanka are the Best in the World

    Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Sri Lanka)

    5 Star Rated