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  • Goodfolks Organic Coconut Jam - Ceylon Cinnamon - vegan - plant-based, gluten free, sugar free, healthy spread

    Coconut Jam with Ceylon Cinnamon

    Plant-based & Gluten Free. Certified Organic
  • Organic Coconut Sugar from Sri Lanka - Goodfolks - Natural Sweetener - Low GI

    Organic Coconut Sugar

    Unrefined Natural Sweetener from Sri Lanka
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-cocoa-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Cocoa Spread

    A decadent yet healthy indulgence
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-mango-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Mango Spread

    A tropical yet healthy indulgence
  • goodfolks-pure-bee-honey-and-organic-pineapple-spread-sri-lanka

    Pure Bee Honey and Pineapple Spread

    A tropical yet healthy indulgence
  • Bulk Chai Tea from Sri Lanka - Chai with FBOP Ceylon Black Tea

    100% Natural Ceylon Chai Tea Blend

    Flavours as Nature Intended
  • Alternate Flour - Kithul Flour Sri Lanka

    Kithul Flour – Pure & Natural

    The Coolest Alternate Flour of them All
  • Kithul Palm Treacle - All Natural Vegan and Gluten Free Sweetener -

    Kithul Palm Treacle (Syrup)

    Unrefined Natural Sweetener from Sri Lanka
  • Ceremonial Use - Blue Lotus - Sri Lanka - Organic - Whole Dried

    Organic Blue Lotus Flower (Dried/Whole)

    Ceremonial Grade - Flower Power
  • Sri Lanka Organic Vanilla Beans from Goodfolks

    Organic Sri Lankan Vanilla Beans

    Premium, ethically sourced
  • Goodfolks-Sri-Lanka-Ayurvedic-Bee-Honey-Dry-Zone-Dark-North-and-Noth-East

    Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Bee Honey – Dark

    Sourced through Regenerative Agriculture Practices
  • Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon 1

    Sri Lankan Bee Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon

    Ayurvedic Blends for Health & Wellness