Growing popularity of Sri Lankan Bee Honey

Sri Lanka, known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” has a long history of producing high-quality natural products, including tea, spices, and gems. One of the lesser-known treasures of Sri Lanka is its bee honey. Sri Lankan bee honey is superior to honey from other countries due to its unique flavor, health benefits, and […]
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Goodfolks - Recipes - Crepes

Coconut Jam and Cocoa Crepes Recipe – Vegan & Gluten Free

Wild Cookbook (Charith N Silva) whips up this amazing collection of Crepes with Goodfolks Vegan + Gluten Free Coconut Jams, Coconut Sugar and Coconut Chips! To get your dose of Goodfolks Goodness, head over to #vegan #glutenfree #certifiedorganic #madeinsrilanka #coconutjam #coconuttreacle #coconutsugar #healthysnacks
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Value added Pure Bees Honey Range from Goodfolks - Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger & Garcinia Cambogia -

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey Blends - Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger & Garcinia Cambogia

Bee Honey from the Sri Lankan honey bee in particular is known for its many medicinal qualities and benefits. Honey from the Sri Lanka honey bee is superior due to the variety of trees and plants the bees extract pollen from. Most bee honey in the world comes from single or limited pollen sources. This range features Sri Lanka bee honey with Ceylon cinnamon, bee honey with garlic, bee honey with ginger, bee honey with Garcinia Cambogia, all of which can be considered as ayurveda products.
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