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Goodfolks at PR Concept Stores and PR Light

                  Step into the enchanting world of PR Concept Store, where hand-picked elegance meets playful charm, and true designers’ creations shine like stars in the night sky. As an extension of the esteemed Paradise Road group of companies’ retail chain, PR Concept Store was born from a […]
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Goodfolks now at Paradise Road

In the heart of Colombo’s bustling streets lies Paradise Road on Dharmapala Mawatha, an elegant haven that has stood as the epitome of style since its inception in 1994. Housed within a stately old mansion, this flagship store exudes a timeless charm, offering an exquisite array of locally crafted home ware, handicrafts, clothing, and more. […]
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Growing popularity of Sri Lankan Bee Honey

Sri Lanka, known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean,” has a long history of producing high-quality natural products, including tea, spices, and gems. One of the lesser-known treasures of Sri Lanka is its bee honey. Sri Lankan bee honey is superior to honey from other countries due to its unique flavor, health benefits, and […]
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