Goodfolks - Coconut range

Coconut Range

We offer various coconut related products ranging from edible oils to cleaning products.
Goodfolks - Natural Sweeteners

Natural Sweeteners

We do a have best collection of natural sweeteners sourced from various parts of Sri Lanka
How the Good Happens

The Goodfolks Process Explained

Goodfolks - Makeover Machine

Sri Lanka is home to an abundance of natural resources. Its people are industrious, creative and highly skilled. And as one of the world’s oldest civilisations, its life is inspired and enriched by a thousand influences from east to west. Unfortunately despite the progress of the wider world, large sections of the island’s population have fallen behind. We feel it is a lack of expertise and exposure that is to blame.

Enter Goodfolks. We identify products and ideas with potential from Sri Lanka’s Micro-Small-Medium enterprises and transform them through a Value Addition Process. This may include standardisation, certification, story telling, packaging, re-imagining and so on. The resulting outcome are products the world’s growing Conscious Consumers are searching for. And the value we add helps create wealth for the lowest rungs of our economy. All this whilst being concerned about the impact our work has on our shared planet.

Goodfolks is good for you
Goodfolks is good for you
Our products are all natural with no artificial additives.
Goodfolks is good for our communities
Because we transfer wealth and education to farmers, manufacturers and businesses behind these products
Goodfolks is good for the planet
Thanks to our inherent environmental consciousness - demonstrated through minimum plastic, support for natural farming, sourcing decisions and creating awareness

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Goodfolks on Ground

How we work to raise our collective consciousness through what we do

We have set up what we call the ‘Mandala Model’ in which everyone at the table has an equal voice. Profits, Sustainability, New Ideas, Mindfulness all sit together with equal standing. This prevents us from making decisions that are led purely by profits. This simple change helps us to be aware of how our decisions affect everyone from the farmer right up to you, our conscious consumer. And when we succeed, we hope we will become a case study for other businesses that lead with the perfect congruence of mind, heart and soul.

As Sri Lanka faced multiple challenges, we saw how many of our people struggled to live a decent life. On close inspection we realised that despite access to resources and education, there were opportunities and insights that were simply not available to them. This allowed some groups to profit from these circumstances. Goodfolks was born from a desire to set things right. This is why we consider education, exposure and expertise an integral part of our value addition. This is the change you become a part of when you partner with us.

A Few Good Reasons

Here’s why you can pick a Goodfolks product with absolute confidence

100% Natural
What you see/read is what you get. No shady ingredients. Nothing we wouldn't use or consume ourselves. This is why some of our products have short shelf lives and strict storage and usage instructions.
Minimum Waste
Lurking in every shopping bag or hiding in every container that crosses oceans to get to you are large amounts of packaging material. Beyond ensuring safety, these materials are just waste. And we know simply eliminating plastic is not the solution. So we are working to ensure that most parts of our operations are built to minimise waste. From using discarded wood for our bee boxes, wood chips instead of bubble wrap
Vegan Range
One of the problems our founders had when going Vegan was the lack of choice. Goodfolks’ passion to offer the widest range of Vegan products stems from that experience.
Health Focused
Our Low GI and Gluten-Free Products are ideal for the health conscious. We offer a range of Low GI products that are natural sweeteners that are 100% unrefined so that they come with all the natural nutrients intact.

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