Our Community

From the inception, we have been about the community. The very idea of Goodfolks stems from a desire to develop communities through knowledge sharing and value addition. And we too would be an idea on a paper if it weren’t for various parties who hoisted up and championed our intentions. For this, we will be forever grateful.

Our Partners

Thinking Dots, a newly setup creative solutions agency has been the backbone of our success. In today’s world you are a non-entity without the right kind of visual branding or persona. Thinking Dots immersed themselves in the project and understood what we were trying to deliver to the world. They understood our values and motives and matched us with sleepless nights and a mad desire to succeed. All credit on brand design, image and identity as well as communication go to this talented bunch of fellow goodfolks.

Goodfolks Supplier Community

If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have been inspired to think of Goodfolks. As the world was in lockdown, we saw a bunch of enterprising folks from far corners of the island sharing their products and ideas online, determined to push through and generate foreign currency to uplift the national economy that was reeling from the direct impact of an economic shutdown. And from the long term effects of an import reliant economy.
What we saw were ideas that could take the world by storm with a few tweaks or value additions. And so we stepped in. And these folk representing the Micro-Small-Medium enterprises of Sri Lanka are the inspiring chapters to our story.

Goodfolks - Community
Ms. Jayani Amarasinghe
A retired banker, Ms. Jayani used to churn up her homemade chutneys as a hobby. She enjoyed the time spent in the kitchen and preserving an authentic taste that had been passed down for generations. Today she churns out a few of these chutneys and pickles for Goodfolks. Inspired by her, we are looking to set up an all women operation to revive chutneys, sauces and pickles from the past and bring them back to life so whole new generations can enjoy them. All these products are 100% chemical free.
Goodfolks - Community
Chammika was once a tailor at a very well known tailoring outfit. He then joined a garment factory. After years and years of doing the same thing he decided to set up his own shop. The journey wasn’t easy but at least he found a job that offered him some freedom. But he relates how people pay less for the same product when it does not have a big name attached to it. And life has not taken off as much as he hoped. Even Though he spends all his time at work. This is why he loves to get creative and churn out products with a sense of magic. And it was by a stroke of luck we met Chammika. Now he is busy making fun things and we are connecting him with consumers who are willing to pay good value. We hope to provide Chammika the right training and exposure so he can lead a larger team and create wealth, one stitch at a time.
Goodfolks - Community
Bingu Sampatha Sureykeemey Sanvidanaya
A team of bee lovers coming under the above mentioned organisation are busy as the proverbial bees. They are a knowledgeable, humble and driven bunch. When the Goodfolks team met up with them, in the midst of the lockdown, we realised their value to the nation. We realised we couldn’t deal with individual beekeepers to uplift an entire industry. So we decided to collaborate and launch Sri Lanka’s first ever collection of regional Bee’s Honey. We have also branded their value added bee’s honey range. The bee’s honey comes from a large network of beekeepers located throughout the island. Our next step is to provide the necessary certifications and standards to help Sri Lankan bee’s honey achieve global popularity, much like our Ceylon tea and Ceylon Cinnamon.
Goodfolks - Community
People Livelihood Development Cooperation
Set up under the National Secretariat for Non-Governmental Organizations, this cooperation supports over 10,000 people who are engaged in agricultural production. We work with them to source Kithul treacle and sun dried mushrooms. The cooperation in turn supports the farmers and producers with safety equipment, resources needed for production and loan facilities. Some of their products already enjoy GMP certification but our aim is to secure internationally valid certifications and standards that will help them earn a better price.
Goodfolks - Community
Craftsmen and women of Pilimathalawa, Kandy
This group, numbering about 25 have been in the trade of churning out metal work and brass work for over three generations. Today they are involved with turning scrap metal into beautiful pieces of art or functional material like cutlery, ashtrays, kitchen utensils and home-decor items.

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