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Over 3000 years, Sri Lanka developed its own line of medicine and is known as ‘Hela Vedakama’. Although commonly referred to as Ayurveda, Sri Lanka’s own indegenous medicine has marked differences when compared to (Indian) Ayurveda. Further it has equal stature as contemporary western medicine. It is also more holistic in nature and deeply connected with nature. Bee Honey is a key ingredient here due to its own medicinal value and as a medium for transferring healing properties to the body. 

On the other hand, Sri Lanka is considered a biodiversity hotspot. So there is a large and diverse array of plant life. And much of this is considered medicinal. As a result, Sri Lankan bee honey tends to not just be multi-floral but they also contain high levels of pollen and nectar from medicinal plants. Hence the saying ‘walking into a Sri Lankan forest is like walking into a treasure trove of medicine’. Finally the climate also leads to a bee honey with minimum moisture content, reducing the need for heating that would otherwise destroy all its medicinal and nutritional properties.

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Pure Bee Honey and Pineapple Spread

A tropical yet healthy indulgence

Pure Bee Honey and Mango Spread

A tropical yet healthy indulgence

Pure Bee Honey and Cocoa Spread

A decadent yet healthy indulgence
Goodfolks Ayurvedic Bee Honey Blend - Garcinia Cambogia - Pack View

Sri Lankan Bee Honey with Garcinia Cambogia (Goraka)

Ayurvedic Blends for Health & Wellness
Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey with Ginger 1

Sri Lankan Bee Honey with Ginger

Ayurvedic Blends for Health & Wellness
Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey with Garlic

Sri Lankan Bee Honey with Garlic

Ayurvedic Blends for Health & Wellness
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Goodfolks and Bee Honey

Despite its high medicinal value and nutritional content, Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Bee Honey and its qualities were not known beyond a small circle. That began to change with Goodfolks launching its bee honey product with three main impact points

  1. Benefits to local communities. 
  2. Benefits to the environment and the bees themselves with Bee Friendly practices
  3. Benefits to consumers stemming from a good product and sharing of information that would help them make the right selection when it comes to bee honey

Goodfolks was the first to launch the Regional Bee Honey Collection and the entire Bee Honey product category is now part of a pilot project on Regenerative Agriculture in Sri Lanka – led by Goodlife X

Goodfolks now also offers an entire range of Ayurvedic blends that are currently awaiting endorsement by the Sri Lanka Ayurveda Department

Goodfolks Regional Collection of Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Bee Honey

Sri Lanka given its geographical diversity and varied climatic zones offers three distinct types of bee honey. While they all contain similar nutritional values they feature different colours and tastes depending where they come from. A variation made possible by the various pollen and nectar sources. Let’s explore

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey - Dark

From the North and North Eastern Dry Zone Regions

The dry zones of Sri Lanka account for the largest landmass in Sri Lanka featuring large medicinal trees such as Veera, Kumbuk and Palu as well as a plethora of smaller plants and vines. The honey from these regions are sourced year-round and offer a very dark, extremely sweet honey which has a taste synonymous with bee honey used in traditional Ayurveda.

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey - Amber

Bee honey from the Uva region is Amber in colour with main pollen sources identified as Red Gum, Keena, Avocado and Sri Lankan Olive. This honey is milder in sweetness compared to those from the dry zone but contains nutrients from many plants that grow in home gardens. The climate here is cooler given that most of the region encompasses the mountainous parts of the island. Production tends to be somewhat seasonal.

From the Mountain Regions commonly referred to as Uva Region

Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey - Gold

From the Lush Sabaragamuwa Region

Honey from this area is a gorgeous pale gold and is mild, smooth and delicious. Encompassing the western slopes which are also hilly, Sabaragamuwa bee honey is mostly made from the nectar that is sourced from the buds of the rubber tree during a short season that lasts from February to March. Lower volumes and seasonality makes this a highly sought after variety of Sri Lankan Ayurvedic bee honey.

Goodfolks Ayurvedic Bee Honey Blends

This collection has been inspired by actual ayurvedic concoctions that have been used through thousands of years to treat various ailments. Each of these have been fine tuned by Goodfolks to offer a consistent taste, texture and developed with input from Ayurveda practitioners. Simply adding these to your daily health and wellness regimen can have profound benefits. But beyond medicine they also work well in food pairing. Bee Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon is a fantastic additive to cocktails, Bee Honey with Garlic helps enhance the taste and visual appeal of a BBQ spread while Bee Honey and Ginger can be used to add a spark to your ice tea.

Our current range includes the following. Click through to their detailed product pages to find out more about their unique properties and medicinal benefits.

  • Bee Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon
  • Bee Honey with Garlic
  • Bee Honey with Ginger
  • Bee Honey with Garcinia Cambogia (Goraka)

How Goodfolks Bee Honey is sourced

Initially Bee Honey for Goodfolks was sourced from an existing network of farmers. However as we delved deeper we realised that there were various concerns. One reason for this was that till now, there was no commercial entity that required certain standards and guidelines be met. In 2022, with the selection of Goodfolks for a pilot project on Regenerative Agriculture, spearheaded by GoodLife X, we decided to set up our own collection platform.

The Goodfolks Bee Honey collection platform requires all bee honey to meet the BRIX index requirements. This immediately allows us to verify that

  1. Bee Honey has not been adulterated with sugar, other forms of honey or by any other means
  2. Bee honey has not been heated to a point that would have destroyed its medicinal and nutritional properties
  3. Bee honey has not been harvested early (Which also affects its quality)

The farmers we work with are also ‘Bee Friendly’. That means we do not use smoke, do not over harvest, do not damage bees and larvae etc. 

Finally we also ensure that farmers are paid well and are taught about the value of a high quality bee honey product for sustaining the industry. And by working with home based bee keepers we can largely ensure an organic nature of the product.

Finally we conduct random batch tests through the Industrial Technology Institute where we conduct the Fiehe’s test and a Microscopical Identification Test. Results are available on each product page.

Through this process we meet the Goodfolks deliverables;

  • Goodfolks is good for the consumer – A product that is of the highest quality
  • Goodfolks is good for the community – Wealth creation and knowledge sharing
  • Goodfolks is good for the environment – Working with home gardens and ensuring Bee Friendly practices

However this entire process is one of constant evolution and improvement. So follow us to see all the new and amazing things we are working on.

How Goodfolks Bee Honey is processed

Goodfolks Bee Honey is processed at a HACCP and ISO certified facility making ours the only product with such standards.

All our products are standardised with a consistent taste and quality. All blends are made with certified organic ingredients.

Beyond Honey

We understand that Sri Lanka’s bee honey story involves many stakeholders. And that it has been nourished with wisdom through the ages. This is why we consider the Ayurveda medicine practitioners, the Indegenous community, environmentalists and genuine farmers as key to our journey. You can see how we have approached this balance by watching the documentary series titled – A forest full of medicine.

And by sharing this wealth of information we believe consumers too can make informed choices and treat bee honey with the respect it deserves. Where the ultimate outcome is one we all work together, for our common good.


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