Kithul Palm Syrup (Treacle)

Sought After Natural Sweetener
  • Rare, natural sweetener made exclusively in Sri Lanka
  • An unrefined syrup similar to maple or coconut syrup but smokier and richer
  • Widely used in Sri Lankan Ayurveda practices for its curative properties
  • Vegan and Gluten free
  • Low GI (Glycemic Index) score makes it ideal for those concerned with their sugar intake
  • No artificial preservatives, colours, flavours added. 100% Natural.
  • GMP Certified product developed to the approved BRIX standard
  • Sourced from genuine farmers at fair prices to ensure livelihood support
  • Ideal as a topping, for baking, as a sweetener and so much more
  • Health Benefits include as per Sri Lankan Ayurveda: Boosts energy, fights weight gain, controls blood pressure, helps relieve migraine, improves digestive health and improves respiratory health
USDA Organic
FSSC 22000
Gluten Free
ISO 22000
Eco Friendly


The low GI, GMP certified Kithul Treacle from Goodfolks, is obtained from the ‘Caryota Urens’, a palm tree native to Sri Lanka. It is also sometimes referred to as the Fishtail Palm or the Jaggery Palm. Kithul Jaggery and Toddy are additional products derived from the same palm tree.

Kithul treacle holds a special place in Sri Lankan cuisine and is widely used in Ayurveda practices. It has been used to make traditional sweets and is widely used as a topping. It works like any other natural sweetener but its taste and texture is what makes it stand out. One could describe the taste as mysterious, smoky and very much earthy.

The treacle is obtained from the Kithul palm blossom and the process can be both laborious and dangerous. The geographic area, age of the tree, age of the blossom, the processing method all add distinctive qualities that show up in colour and taste leading to quite a lot of confusion when it comes to finding high quality, unadulterated treacle. Goodfolks ensures a standardised and high quality product that is GMP Certified.

The process of making genuine Kithul Treacle is a tough one. And the genuine Kithul Tappers, as they are fondly known have had to deal with many complications arising from adulterated products sold at low prices and consumer’s lack of understanding about the true effort that goes into making 100% natural Kithul Treacle. Goodfolks and a few other companies have been working hard to rectify this by bringing out the true and fascinating story to the world and the art of Kithul is now followed by many who value both tradition and fine taste.

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Kithul Product Benefits

An ancient sweetener in need of saving



Product Specifications


MOQ: 1 Bottle
Available in: 500ml bottles
Package type: Glass bottle
Also available: N/A
Price per bottle: For retail prices, please check with your local vendor. Email us for bulk order prices and packaging options.
Nett weight: 500ml
Gross weight 990ml
Origin: Made in Sri Lanka
Type:  Branded
White Labelling: N/A
Custom Sizes: Available
Brandname:  Goodfolks
Handling type: Depending on what channel you order from

Orders from Goodfolks website are subject to special offers and our environmentally friendly Scheduled Delivery services.

Ingredients: Natural Kithul Treacle from multiple regions in Sri Lanka
Region Nutrition Information: See package
Colour of product: Dark brown
Product Grade:  N/A
Max Moisture:  N/A
Shelf Life: 12 months
Directions for storage: Store in cool dry place (at room temperature) to avoid affecting taste and consistency
Directions for use: Use without contaminating. Use as recommended.
Special Notes: None
Why Goodfolks Our Goodfolks Makeover process ensures local products are upgraded to international quality, leading to higher value and returns to our local communities. Goodfolks is not a profit centric business but a community focused platform that seeks to empower and uplift all stakeholders.
Goodfolks Reassurance: Minimum waste packaging

Produced to organic, sustainable and ethical standards

Nutritional Information

nutritional facts - Kithul Treacle
nutritional facts – Kithul Treacle




A Kithul tapper, starts his day early, making his way to the Kithul Palm trees in the darkness of dawn. They then brave all sorts of dangers to reach the top of the palm tree and make incisions on the blossom from which the nectar starts secreting. This sweet nectar is collected into a clay pot. Herbs and spices are used to increase the yield of each blossom. The clay pots are then carried, often by hand to where they are processed. This is usually the Kithul tapper’s own home and the laborious task of heating the sap into the treacle happens on an open fire. This is an extremely traditional method and one that encompasses a lot of wisdom passed down the ages. Wisdom that brings about the perfect taste, colour and quality. Sadly though the people behind this gorgeous syrup only make a pittance and most tappers involved in the industry have been moving out of it for reasons such as dwindling income and lack of support.

Founder Dinesh Gratian Perera with farmer
Founder Dinesh Gratian Perera with farmer

Goodfolks and a few other companies have taken on the task to bring these stories alive and give back these people the attention and support they need. One of the first considerations is to pay a value that is suited for the amount of hard work they put in. Because large scale manufacturers have over time, sold adulterated products as Kithul, consumers are shocked at the price of genuine Kithul Treacle. Our aim is to establish Kithul Treacle as an indulgence than a cheap commodity. We also work to modernise and add hygiene factors to the manufacturing process. These include using stainless steel utensils and following GMP standards. In addition to that we provide safety equipment, torches to move around the darkness and communication tools.

The right price, support to engage in the right manufacturing practices and establishing new markets are helping us, Goodfolks and other social enterprises, breathe in a new lease of life to the art that is Kithul Treacle.


As demand and value for Kithul Treacle grows, it creates a case for preserving natural forests in which these trees strive. Kithul Palm trees are also a favorite of the Sri Lankan bee. Most importantly this is not a plantation crop, and as such helps preserve the concept of home gardens and natural forests.

Kithul Tree (Caryota Urens)
Kithul Tree (Caryota Urens)



Kithul Treacle in its purest form is not suited for long journeys. They can in fact continue to ferment and go bad. However when made to the standards approved by the Sri Lanka government, they can have a shelf life of 12 months. This is achieved by stabilizing the product with sugar and water. Water and sugar is added to Goodfolks Kithul Treacle as per the recommended BRIX index score. As such you can be assured that Goodfolks Kithul Treacle is the purest possible.

And further, all processing happens at a GMP Certified facility using stainless steel equipment. Thereby minimizing contamination from unsafe utensils such as aluminum