Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey – Dark

North & North Eastern Regions
  • 100% Natural – Raw – Filtered – Unpasteurised
  • Sourced from Sri Lanka’s North & North Central Dry Zone Regions that are host to Mee, Weera, Kumbuk, Palu trees that are considered the main pollen sources
  • Other pollen and nectar sources include, Tamarind, Kalawel, Kone, Palms, Nidikumba
  • Deep brown/red in colour with a sharp sweetness with naturally low water content
  • Certified for its quality by the Industrial Technical Institute (see product images)
  • Part of a Regenerative Agriculture Pilot Project conducted by Good Life X
  • Sourced from a farmer network with attention to environment and social impact
  • Quality verified at source through the use of Brix Refractometers that establish purity and water content
  • Farmers are paid at prices above market rates to ensure the finest and purest honey. They are also provided with Goodfolks bee honey boxes and are included in education and awareness programmes.
Eco Friendly


Sri Lanka Ayurvedic Bee Honey – Dark, is one of three Ayurvedic bee honey verities from the regional collection.  This honey is very dark in colour, has a deep sweetness with faint bitter notes at the end. It is drawn from the vast dry zone areas that feature very large trees as well as a multitude of smaller medicinal plants and vines. This bee honey is synonymous with Sri Lankan Ayurveda. Its main pollen sources are Weera, Kumbuk & Palu.

Sri Lankan Bee Honey is Ayurvedic in Nature due to the high density of pollen and nectar from medicinal plants that are widespread across the island. And given the tropical nature and climate, the moisture content is naturally low (minimizing the need to remove moisture through heating which damages the nutrition value of bee honey).

Sri Lankan Ayurvedic Practioners recommend that you use just one/two teaspoons in a glass of lukewarm water and drink every morning to gain the maximum benefits of its medicinal value. However you may use this bee honey like you would use any other bee honey.

Goodfolks bee honey is now part of a pilot project for regenerative agriculture conducted by Good Life X.

Goodfolks Impact

Goodfolks ImpactSri Lanka’s apiculture (bee keeping) industry has not been well organized till now and Goodfolks is focused on changing that. Traditionally bee honey has been harvested from the wild and this has not been good for the environment or the indigenous people that depend on them for sustenance. However Sri Lankan Bee Honey has been of significant importance to the the local branch of Ayurveda known as ‘Hela Vedakama’. Additionally, Sri Lankan Bee Honey has been plagued by issues of quality. These stem from early harvesting, pasteurizing, mixing of wasp honey and providing sugar as a form of nectar. The Goodfolks Sourcing practices eliminate all these concerns to bringing you the highest quality honey at a price that also cares for the well-being of the farmers that depend on bee keeping as an income source. Goodfolks continues to evolve its sourcing, production, research and development to bring you one of the world’s premium and highest quality products – whilst being mindful and considerate about the people and the planet.

Special Attributes

  • Goodfolks Ayurvedic Bee Honey is rich in pollen content from a high degree of medicinal plants’
  • Due to being a tropical country the moisture content is naturally law
  • Veera, Palu, Kumbuk are the main pollen sources.
  • While all Sri Lanka Bee Honey are full of nutrition arising from the high bio diversity, this variety can be considered to contain the most Ayurvedic medicinal value given the high occurrence of medicinal plants in this region
  • Has a distinct sharp sweetness that leaves a slight bitter note at the end – This may change as not all batches are uniform due to the high diversity in pollen sources

Product Specifications


MOQ  240 jars
Net weight  250g
Gross weight  420g
Dimensions of jar  8.5cm x 8.5cm x 5.5cm
Other pack sizes 1kg
Package type Glass jar
Units per carton 12
Carton dimensions 30cm(W) x 36cm (L) x10.5cm (H)
Carton weight (average) 5.3kg
Also available 3 jar (variety) Regional pack suited for gifting
Price per pack We offer a discounted pricing based on your Order Quantity and Frequency. Please contact us direct if you wish to be a stockist, agent, wholesaler, distributor.
Origin:    Sri Lanka
Type:    Branded
White Labelling:   Considered
Custom Sizes:    Available
Brand name:   Goodfolks
Handling type: Contact us for  details
Ingredients: Pure Sri Lanka bee honey from North & North Central Regions
Region Nutrition Information: Presently unavailable
Colour of product: Deep Red/Brown
Product Grade:  N/A
Max Moisture:  N/A
Shelf Life: Marked as 24 months but if used properly can last indefinitely.
Directions for storage: Store in cool dry place (at room temperature) – Natural crystallisation may occur and is a sign of its purity
Directions for use: Use a clean dry spoon. Two spoons per day on its own or as a sweetener.
Special Notes: See other Sections
Why Goodfolks Our Goodfolks Makeover process ensures local products are upgraded to international quality, leading to higher value and returns to our local communities. Goodfolks is not a profit centric business but a community focused platform that seeks to empower and uplift all stakeholders.
Goodfolks Reassurance: Minimum waste packaging

Produced to organic, sustainable and ethical standards


  • Goodfolks bee honey is sourced from a network of beekeepers scattered throughout the island
  • All bee boxes are maintained in home-gardens, natural farm plots or in buffer zones along forests
  • Goodfolks does NOT extract bee honey direct from the wild and so does NOT Damage or endanger natural bee hives in the wild
  • Bee-Friendly Sourcing through minimal use of smoke
  • Goodfolks collects bee honey subject to meeting the BRIX standards for Bee Honey
  • Sourced bee Honey is transferred to the processing centre for filtering, bottling and labelling before dispatch
  • Farmers are paid at prices higher than market rate to ensure quality and continued supply
  • The programme is now looking to include female and marginalised community participation in the bee honey industry


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