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Sri Lankan Pure Bee Honey — Regional Collection from Goodfolks -

Sri Lankan Pure Bees Honey is one of the world’s most unique; and it’s the perfect substitute for sugar with numerous medicinal benefits. In Sri Lanka, Pure Bee Honey is sourced from a collective of farmers scattered across many parts of the island. Honey from the Sri Lankan honey bee is well known for its superior quality mainly due to the variety of trees and plants the bees extract pollen from. Being a tropical paradise situated in the very heart of the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka is home to approximately 149 species of Bees, belonging to 4 distinct families. Although most bee honey in the world comes from single or limited pollen sources, the significant biodiversity in Sri Lanka and the medicinal value of its trees and plant varieties mean a high pollen variety. Pure Bee Honey has a low Glycemic Index which means the body processes honey at a much slower rate and this is a good thing if you are concerned about your blood sugar levels.

Honey from the Sri Lankan honey bee is sourced predominantly from 3 distinct regions of the country, namely, North & North Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa.

The North & North Central Region Pure Bee honey is deep red in colour with a sharp sting of sweetness. The bees in this region make their honey mostly with pollen from Weera, Palu and Kumbuk trees. This variety from the North & North Central region is the most abundant variety of honey in Sri Lanka.

Uva offers a more consistent supply and is made with pollen extracted mainly from Sri Lankan Olive, Keena, and Avocado trees. However, the bees actually extract pollen from a wider variety of trees and plants. This variant of Bee Honey is from the Uva region and offers an amber-like shade of honey with a full-bodied sweetness.

Pure bee honey sourced from the Sabaragamuwa region offers a pale gold shade of honey with a silky smooth sweetness is very seasonal. The bees in this region make their honey mostly with pollen from Rubber, Avocado and Starfruit trees.

Raw Bee Honey from Sri Lanka has always been marketed as one product. But for the first time ever, Goodfolks has introduced a regional collection of Bee’s Honey that helps deliver a consistent taste and colour whilst also offering the consumer the chance to know what exactly they are buying and from which part of the country the honey is sourced from. Goodfolks 100% Pure Raw Bee Honey is sourced from a network of beekeepers in Sri Lanka with a process that is largely organic and adheres to sustainable practices. Goodfolks supports this bee-keeping network by opening up new markets, sharing expert knowledge with them and working to upgrade their products to meet international standards.

Goodfolks bee honey is 100% raw and comes straight from the hive. This raw and filtered honey has had the small bits of debris, including pollen, beeswax, and parts of dead bees removed. This bee honey has not been heated, treated in any way or pasteurised. As such Goodfolks Sri Lanka Bee Honey contains all the natural nutrients and no added sugars unlike most honey made available on supermarket shelves. Also, the raw bee honey at Goodfolks can be cloudy in appearance as the product has not been refined which would otherwise strip it of its nutrients and healing qualities.

Raw, filtered Bee Honey from Goodfolks is available for deliveries to anywhere in the world via


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