Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle – Low GI, GMP Certified natural sweetener

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Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle - Low GI, GMP Certified natural sweetener

Kithul treacle is produced from sap extracted from the inflorescence of the Caryota urens also known as the kithul palm, which grows only in Sri Lanka. Due to its low GI values Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle can be recommended for diabetic patients as it is a superior substitute for white sugar. Kithul Treacle is a form of smoky, thick and sweet liquid jaggery.  Its taste, texture and even colour may vary based on the age of the tree and the region. Kithul treacle has a low calorie content when compared with cane sugars and passes through the body instead of getting stored, effectively being an ideal form of sweetener. Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle is used to make a multitude of traditional sweets but can also be used as a topping, mixed in with porridge or used in cuisine.

The low GI, GMP certified Kithul Treacle from Goodfolks, is obtained from the Caryota Urens, a palm tree native to Sri Lanka. It is also sometimes referred to as the Fishtail Palm or the Jaggery Palm. Kithul Jaggery and Toddy are also products obtained from the same palm tree.

Goodfolks natural Kithul Treacle is sourced from a network of farmers that has a base of about 5000. The Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle is a blend of produce from different areas. The number of trees that is of an age suited for tapping (extracting the sap) is limited and spread over 18 districts across the island. This product features a blend that is primarily from the Rathnapura, Kegalle, Kandy and Badulla districts.


A lot of the Sri Lanka Kithul Treacle available in the market, though marked as pure and natural, may be adulterated. However, even 100% natural treacle may vary in colour, taste and texture due to a multitude of natural reasons as explained above. Few ways to identify ‘good treacle’ is a slightly gaseous nature, a thicker consistency and tendency to crystallize.

The Treacle sourced for Goodfolks is from a network that offers training and equipment to ensure their safety (because the extraction process from trees located in dense forests can be dangerous) and focused on uplifting their livelihood. The network also provides safety equipment such as harnesses, raincoats and flashlights. The sap is collected and cooked in vessels made of stainless steel, ensuring there is no seepage of harmful metals into the product. This way Goodfolks overcomes the challenges faced in getting a ready supply of unadulterated Kithul Treacle from Sri Lanka.


Additionally, Goodfolks Kithul treacle is certified to score between 10 and 15 on the BRIX index. A score below 10 indicates a higher water content while a score above 15 indicates the presence of added sugar. This product is also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified and cleared by the Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka.


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