10 ways to enjoy Vegan Goodfolks Coconut Jam

10 ways to enjoy Vegan Goodfolks Coconut Jam Spread

If you are working on cutting down your direct sugar intake or seeking out to transform your diet to one that’s healthier, you got to start including Goodfolks range of amazing certified organic coconut Jams. They are made of 100% natural ingredients and coconut sugars. Because these sugars are not refined, they contain a host of natural nutrients.

But Coconut Jam is a new product on the shelves so a lot of people are not sure on how best to enjoy them. So we made an amazing list of 10 ways to enjoy coconut Jam!

10 ways to enjoy Vegan Goodfolks Coconut Jam

  1. Spread it on toast or crackers.
  2. Mix it into your fruit bowl and drizzle with Goodfolks coconut treacle and coconut flakes
  3. Coconut Jam with Cinnamon as well as coconut jam with pineapple works well with Canapés
  4. Work into your favorite waffle recipe and drizzle Goodfolks coconut treacle or Kithul treacle on top
  5. A perfect filling for your crepes
  6. A perfect filling for anything really, also try with bread rolls, in between your coconut roti or any pancake
  7. Add a dollop over your ice-cream on those days you crave comfort food
  8. Add as layer into your cakes to provide a sweet tropical surprise
  9. Ideal to serve alongside fruit tarts and pastries
  10. As an everyday sweetener

Goodfolks coconut Jam has the consistency of Dulce-de-leche and the flavored varieties available with Goodfolks allows for countless ways to experiment. Enjoy!


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