Jumbo Jar Pure Sri Lankan Bee Honey - North and North Central

 Regional Collection: North & North Central 

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  • Contains 1250g and meant for serious Sri Lanka Bee Honey Lovers
  • Raw, filtered, untreated, non-pasteurised pure bee honey from Sri Lanka's North and North Central Region
  • This bee honey is the darkest of Sri Lankan Bee Honey and has the strongest taste of sweetness with bitter notes
  • Weera, Palu and Kumbuk trees are the main sources of pollen in this multi-flower bee honey
  • Sri Lanka bee honey, given its pollen sources which are medicinal in nature can be considered as some of the best in the world - far superior to imported single flower bee honey
  • Goodfolks bee honey is sourced from a network of bee keepers located throughout the island at a fair price. Each supplier is vetted to ensure sustainable and ethical practices. 
  • Goodfolks does not obtain bee honey from wild hives in the forest as this can be damaging to bee populations in the wild. However because the majority of the bee boxes maintained by our suppliers are nearby forests, the bee honey can essentially be categorised as wild bee honey
  • Goodfolks works with our suppliers to uplift the Bee Keeping industry in Sri Lanka by focusing on developing a standard certification, creating awareness about the medicinal benefits of pure bee honey and providing value added solutions
  • This is part of Sri Lanka's first ever Regional Bee Honey Collection
  • This pure bee honey may crystallise under cool temperatures and that is indicative of its purity  
  • Goodfolks 100% Pure Bee’s Honey (a fantastic substitute for sugar) is sourced from a collective of farmers in Sri Lanka. The process is largely organic and adheres to sustainable practices (See section on Manufacturing Process below for more on this). Bee’s honey from Sri Lanka has always been brought to you as one product. But for the first time ever, we have introduced a regional collection of Bee’s Honey that helps deliver a consistent taste and colour

    This variant of Bee’s Honey is from the North & North Central region and offers a honey that is deep red in colour with a sharp sting of sweetness. The bees in this region make their honey mostly with pollen from Weera, Palu and Kumbuk trees.

    This honey comes with a high pollen count and NO hidden ingredients. Pure Bee’s Honey has a low Glycemic Index which means the body processes honey at a much slower rate and this is a good thing if you are concerned about your blood sugar levels.

    This product will crystallize in cool temperatures and is a definite sign of its purity. 

    Sri Lanka’s apiculture (bee keeping) industry is not well organised despite having a fairly large number. It is also spread out over much of the country. The supply from beekeepers also varies from a few jars per year to much larger stock. As a result it is difficult to maintain standards or obtain internationally recognized certifications due to the costs involved. However almost all beekeepers have been exposed to and educated on best practices. Therefore one can argue that Sri Lankan Bee Honey in general meets the standards required for international certification but is unable to do so due to various complexities. For example there is plenty of food for the bees, bee-keeping uses natural and sustainable raw materials, there is plenty of water and bees are not stressed or exploited. But high levels of agricultural activity with chemical use mean a difficulty in obtaining organic certifications despite the keeping itself being organic.

    Therefore we refer to our bee honey being produced to organic standards. We are however working with various local authorities to develop a locally accepted standard that will deliver good prices and uplift the local beekeeping industry.

    We can provide a certificate from the Sri Lanka Industrial Technology Institute for bulk orders.


    Our bee honey is sourced from a network of beekeepers scattered throughout the island. The network maintains its own standards and requirements leading to a consistent supply. 

    Goodfolks bee honey is 100% raw (comes straight from the hive) and filtered (removal of  small bits of debris, including pollen, beeswax, and parts of dead bees). This bee honey has NOT been heated, treated in any way or pasteurized. As such Goodfolks Sri Lanka Bee Honey contains all the natural nutrients and no added sugars unlike most honey on (supermarket) shelves. Raw honey such as ours can be cloudy in appearance as the product has not been refined (thereby stripping it of its nutrients and healing qualities.)

    Our all natural raw been honey have the following qualities

    • bee pollen, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
    • bee propolis, a glue-like substance that helps keep the hive together
    • certain vitamins and minerals
    • enzymes
    • amino acids
    • antioxidants

    Bee honey in Sri Lanka is superior due to the variety of trees/plants bees extract pollen from. Most bee honey in the world comes from single or limited pollen sources. However the significant biodiversity in Sri Lanka and the medicinal value of our trees/plants mean a high pollen variety. This variety from the North & North Central region is the most abundant variety of honey and is made with pollen extracted mainly from Weera, Palu and Kumbuk trees. However the bees actually extract pollen from a wider variety of trees/plants.


     1 Jar (Retail market)

    Available in:

    1250g wholesale packs

    Package type: Glass jar
    Also available: 3 jar (variety) Regional pack suited for gifting
    Price per pack: 


    (Excluding delivery/shipping)

    Nett weight:    1250g
    Gross weight   1500g+
    Origin:     Made in Sri Lanka
    Type:     Branded
    White Labelling:   Considered
    Custom Sizes:     Available 
    Brandname:    Goodfolks
    Handling type:

    Depending on what channel you order from. Orders from Goodfolks website are subject to special offers and our environmentally friendly Scheduled Delivery services. 

    Ingredients: Pure Sri Lanka bee honey from North & North Central

    Region Nutrition Information:

    Presently unavailable

    Colour of product: 

    Deep Red

    Product Grade:   N/A
    Max Moisture:   N/A
    Shelf Life:  Marked as 12 months but if used properly can last indefinitely.
    Directions for storage: 

    Store in cool dry place (at room temperature)

    Directions for use: 

    Use a clean dry spoon. Two spoons per day on its own or as a sweetener.

    Special Notes:  None
    Why Goodfolks

    Our Goodfolks Makeover process ensures local products are upgraded to international quality, leading to higher value and returns to our local communities. Goodfolks is not a profit centric business but a community focused platform that seeks to empower and uplift all stakeholders.

    Goodfolks Reassurance:

    Minimum waste packaging

    Produced to organic, sustainable and ethical standards


    Fair Trade
    Fair Trade
    Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly

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