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  • Pure Bee Honey from the Sri Lanka Regional Bee Honey collection (Select from Uva or North Central Regions) 250g jar
  • Ayurvedic Superpowers Collection (Choose from Bee Honey with Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger or Garcinia) 250g jar
  • All Natural Homemade Chutney (Select from Date & Lime, Pumpkin & Raisin or Tomato) 300g jar
  • All Natural Beetroot Pickle 300g jar
  • Two Certified Organic Coconut Jam jars of 330g (Select from Coconut Jam Plain, Coconut Jam with Pineapple, Coconut Jam with Cocoa or Coconut Jam with Cinnamon)
  • GMP certified Kithul Treacle 500ml bottle
  • Authentic Kithul Jaggery 500g
  • All Natural Homemade Passion Fruit Jam 330g jar
  • Three Certified Organic Coconut Chip packs of 100g each
  • Certified Organic Coconut Sugar 500g
  • Here are just a few reasons why a Goodfolks Gift Bag could be the most thoughtful gift you can give this season.
    1. Each gift bag is filled with all natural & healthy products that have no preservatives or harmful chemicals. So you can give these gifts with a good heart and peace of mind.
    2. All items are of Sri Lankan origin and sourced from Micro & Small businesses. So you support enterprising individuals and companies during these tough times.
    3. Minimum plastic packaging and eco-friendly. Including the gift bag, which is sourced from crafts-women from Jaffna and is re-usable.
    4. You can speak/message us on (0776808444) and develop your own Gift Bag - considering the unique needs and preferences of the person you are gifting to.
    5. Free delivery within Colombo City Limits. All island deliveries and Bulk discounts for large orders. Making this ideal to gift to friends and family, your office team or business partners.
    With Goodfolks Gift Bags you get to send gifts to your friends and family anywhere in Sri Lanka. And because all products are ethical, organic and sustainable in consideration, a Goodfolks Gift Bag is good for the person receiving it, good for the planet and of course will give you the feel good glow. All products in directly support Sri Lankan small businesses. Even the bag is sourced from crafts-persons from Jaffna. 
    Goodfolks Gift bags are ideal as a personal gift when visiting a loved one or to give away as corporate gifts in Sri Lanka. You can also discuss with our team and customise them to suit any special preferences.


    Please see individual product pages for detailed descriptions on the manufacturing process. 


    All Goodfolks products are sourced from Micro-Small-Medium scale businesses in Sri Lanka. Goodfolks is involved in the process of value addition and product enhancement to increase the value of these products with our suppliers earning more money for every product they sell. 

    Fair Trade
    Fair Trade
    Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly

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