Winning Ideas

Sri Lanka’s Micro-Small-Medium Sectors have a plethora of winning ideas. However, a lack of exposure and resources mean a lot of these stagnate, never being able to find the right markets or traction. Some others fail to compete in a market driven by certifications and standards, despite having what it takes.

What we do

We overcome the above problem by identifying select products/ideas and elevating them to global standards. This process might include, better branding, product differentiation, storytelling and in some cases getting standards and certificates that even the playing field. We then put these refined products on one ecommerce. By promoting just one brand on one platform, we get to maximise opportunities for our suppliers.

Our ideal suppliers

We focus on those suppliers (and manufacturers) from the Micro-Small-Medium sectors who are the most challenged in taking their products and ideas to the global stage.

What we consider

To be part of our platform, the products/ideas must fit our own values. For starters they need to be Organic, Ethical and Sustainable. They also need to be of 90% Sri Lankan origin

Products of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is already well known for certain products in the global marketplace. These include, tea, cinnamon and garments as well as tourism. We hope the Goodfolks platform will enable a whole other basket of products to achieve global recognition and a boost to their popularity.

Pillars of our product story

To us, a world class product and its quality are just one angle of our story. We also focus on the human story as these are inspiring on their own and can lead to others emulating them and finding their own success. The other pillar is the business process. We require all our products to be ethical, organic and sustainable in practice. Even when certifying these traits can be challenging, we work closely with our suppliers to achieve these targets as this is paramount to creating a world of co-creation, conservation and respect. We follow this same principle in our own operation through environmentally friendly scheduled deliveries, package choices and how we function as a business.
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