Blacksmith's Hammer
Stainless Steel Flatware

 Made by hand & Made to order 

In stock
Rs 1,250.00

Each piece is been handmade from repurposed metal
  • Made by a community of craftspeople (near Kandy, Sri Lanka), that have been in the trade for generations

  • Drop in demand for traditional handicrafts has led this crafts community to develop these products 

  • Only a limited number of pieces are available at any one time

  • May take 7 - 14 days to complete and ship depending on the order

  • Ideal for homes, restaurants and hotel chains (bulk orders are entertained)

Made by a network of craftsmen and craftswomen from Pilimathalawa Kandy, some of whom have been traditional craftsmen for generations. As demand for traditional artefacts wane, the production and sale of these products help sustain their livelihoods and skills.

This design is made with repurposed scrap metal. Customisation is possible.

All items are made to order and require a period of 03 weeks from order to delivery. If required, you can inspect these items (samples) at our office, located in Colombo 05.

We can also develop the following under this design:

Cocktail fork, soup spoon, fish knife, entrée knife & fork, salad knife and fork, dessert fork & spoon.

Fair Trade
Fair Trade
Eco Friendly
Eco Friendly
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