Value added Pure Bees Honey Range from Goodfolks - Cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger & Garcinia Cambogia


Pure Bee Honey is an ideal source of natural carbohydrates that gives strength and energy and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Pure Bee Honey helps control weight and it is a healthy sweetener to use in any form of cooking. Pure Bee Honey has numerous qualities such as bee pollen, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, bee-propolis, a glue-like substance that helps keep the hive together, certain vitamins and minerals, enzymes, amino acids and antioxidants. Bee Honey from the Sri Lankan honey bee in particular is known for its many medicinal qualities and benefits. Honey from the Sri Lanka honey bee is superior due to the variety of trees and plants the bees extract pollen from. Most bee honey in the world comes from single or limited pollen sources. However, the significant biodiversity in Sri Lanka and the medicinal value of the Island’s trees and plants mean a high pollen variety. The Value added Pure Bee’s Honey Range from Sri Lanka adds to this medicinal quality as the natural Bee’s Honey is mixed with organically sourced herbs and spices such as Ceylon cinnamon, garcinia, garlic and ginger.

From the Value added Pure Bee’s Honey Range from Sri Lanka, the Bee’s Honey mixed with Ceylon Cinnamon is an all-time favourite as it has the potential to lower the risk of heart disease, heal wounds faster and aid in managing diabetes. It may even help in weight-loss and help combat allergies. Bee’s Honey and cinnamon are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. Together they are a powerhouse and a cornerstone of Ayurvedic medicine. Ceylon Cinnamon also known as True Cinnamon is rare and adds a further sweet flavour to this mix. Cinnamon on its own may reduce inflammation, help manage neurodegenerative diseases and protect against cancer. It may also aid in relieving constipation.

Pure Bee’s Honey and Garcinia Cambogia another from the Value added Pure Bee’s Honey Range from Sri Lanka also has the potential to provide glowing skin, boost immunity and support your mood. Bee’s Honey with Garcinia Cambogia commonly known as Goraka fruit in Sri Lanka or Malabar Tamarind are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. Together they are a powerhouse blend of Ayurvedic medicine known for their prowess in reducing weight and suppressing appetite. Garcinia Cambogia extract is believed to have weight management properties of an organic compound found in the fruit, known as HCA (hydroxycitric acid).

Meanwhile, the third variety, the Pure Bee’s Honey with Garlic has the potential to provide a host of health benefits. These include fighting inflammation and helping in treating heart diseases. It is also known to have antibacterial and antiviral properties. Honey and garlic are two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. Together they are a powerhouse blend of Ayurvedic medicine that has been featured in indigenous medicine practices for thousands of years. Garlic’s main ingredient is allicin and also contains oxygen, sulphur and other chemicals that offer anti-bacterial and disease fighting properties. Garlic and honey are also known to aid in weight loss, reduce acid reflux, suppress colds, soothe the effects of airhead and improve sleep.

Last but not least, the Sri Lankan Bee Honey with Ginger aids the functions of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces phlegm, enhances immunity and is known to lower the growth of cancer cells. Raw, filtered 100% natural Bee’s Honey from Sri Lanka combined with organic Ginger Powder is a smooth and luxurious blend of Ayurvedic super-powers. Ginger has the potential to provide instant relief from cough, cold and sore throat as well as enhance blood circulation and flush toxins out from the body. Honey and ginger are both two natural ingredients with multiple health benefits. Ginger, which is loaded with nutrients and bioactive compounds has numerous health benefits. In addition to what has been mentioned above, ginger also helps relieve nausea, morning sickness, muscle pain and soreness. Its anti-inflammatory properties can help with osteoarthritis. It can also aid in lowering blood sugar levels, reduce menstrual pain and may improve brain function and help against Alzheimer’s disease.

The entire collection of Sri Lankan Value added Bee’s Honey can be purchased online through Goodfolks on Goodfolks Bee Honey with Ceylon cinnamon, Goodfolks Bee Honey with Garcinia, Goodfolks Bee Honey with garlic and Goodfolks Bee Honey with ginger are filled with above mentioned health benefits. Goodfolks 100% Pure Bee’s Honey is sourced from a collective of farmers in Sri Lanka. The process is largely organic and adheres to sustainable practices. This honey comes with a high pollen count and no hidden ingredients. Goodfolks bee honey is 100% raw (comes straight from the hive) and filtered. This bee honey has not been heated, treated in any way or pasteurised. As such Goodfolks Sri Lanka Bee Honey contains all the natural nutrients and no added sugars unlike most honey on (supermarket) shelves. Raw honey such as ours can be cloudy in appearance as the product has not been refined (thereby stripping it of its nutrients and healing qualities.)

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